Athenaberceau Bluelle

Geboren: 14.12.2007 Züchter: Klein, Mandy & Alex
Farbe: blue tabby blotched / white
Rasse: Maine Coon
Geschlecht: weiblich
Gencode: A-B-C-ddiiooS-tbtbww
Zwinger: Athenaberceau
IK: 0% AVK: 0,00%

Ch./Euro.Ch Canaletto's YankeeDoodleDandy

Rasse: Maine Coon
black silver tabby blotched / white

geb.: 12.02.2006
DEKZV LO 317325

Besitzer: Müller-Rech, Henning
Züchter: Henning Müller-Rech
Chip-Nr.: 276096100167882
Int.Ch. MagicLake's Vulcan of Canalettos
Rasse: Maine Coon
geb.: 10.12.2003
DEKZV LO 300801
Züchter: Gutmann/May
Chip-Nr.: 276098510095316
MagicLake's NatureBoy
Gandolf of Diamond Hill
Nature's Judge the Bear
Ch. Gentle Favourit's Jenny
CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa
Witchcats Smoke on the Water
Witchcats Little Hellfire
Auchentoshan's SweetSign
Gentle Favourit's Xarelan
Gentle Favourit's Nantucket
Cosima Shiva of Diamond Hill
St.John's Final Fantasy
Ch. Coonyham Buster Brown
Ch. St. John's Voodoo Queen
Franziska Grünholder
Rasse: Maine Coon
black silver tabby blotched / white
geb.: 22.05.2004
DEKZV LO 302989
Züchter: Petra Forch
Clyde v. Grünholder
black-silver tabby cl../white
Besitzer: Petra Forch
Züchter: Petra Forch
Larry of Glems Valley
red silver tabby blotched
Int.Ch. Alpha Addison of Charmingcat
Ch. Alice of Glems Valley
Denis v.Donautal
black-silver tabby cl../white
Int.Ch. Yasco v. Racoon
Int.Ch. Elisa of Faberge
Canaletto's Lady Grace
black tabby ticked / white
geb.: 20.01.2000
Besitzer: Petra Forch
Züchter: Henning Müller-Rech
Blue Samson the Fabulous of Canaletto's
blue tabby ticked / white
geb.: 13.01.1999
Ch. Super-Star's Uljano
Lollipop the Fabulous
AngelFire's HappyEnd of Canaletto's
tortie tabby mackerel / white
geb.: 14.06.1998
Jellybaby Red + Hot vom Roggenberg
Vergy of Forestsprite
Athena Bey Marillion

Rasse: Maine Coon
tortie tabby blotched

geb.: 29.12.2005
DEKZV LO 331996

Besitzer: Mandy & Alex Klein
Int.Ch. Beyrouth Cat Cabaret JW
Rasse: Maine Coon
red tabby blotched
Int.Ch. James Bond Klapouch
black tabby blotched
Euro.Ch Mefisto Jompi
black tabby mackerel
Euro.Ch Angelo Jompi
Int.Ch. Guldfakse´s Catalina
Catlin Klapouch
white (dominant)
Int.Ch. Appalaches Ognios
Estrella Jompi
Ch. Maxi Alwaro
tortie tabby blotched
Euro.Ch Sebasco´s Daker Devito
red tabby blotched
World-Ch. Guldfakse´s Chief Two Moons
Moutaineer´s Kitti Caballe
Int.Ch. Squabby´s Calamity
tortie tabby mackerel
Gr.Int.Ch. Squabby´s Ashley Taddy
Int.Ch. Squabby´s Arkansas Sissy
Int.Ch. Arabella of Beyrouth
Rasse: Maine Coon
blue-cream tabby blotched
Int.Ch. Denny z Larku
black tabby mackerel / white
Euro.Ch Baghira Woody Axis Star
blue tabby mackerel
Gr.Euro.Ch Willowplace Fleetwood Mac
Euro.Ch Moonlight vom Burgfels
Ch. Alexis Lady z Larku
black tabby blotched / white
Euro.Ch Csák´s Coon Cats Bagira
Int.Ch. Zita Cesarina od Vajgaru
Int.Ch. Olivia of Midnight Colony
cream tabby blotched
Int.Ch. Langstteich C.Cashmir
cream tabby blotched / white
Langstteich´s Calvin
Pillowtalk's Cosima
Ch. Dominica od Midnight Colony
red tabby blotched / white
Euro.Ch Carter O´Conor Alwaro
Int.Ch. Donna Diana Di Sidonia
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